Why Las Vegas?

Fact: Las Vegas is not only easily accessible from anywhere in the U.S.; it's also easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Fact: Meetings that are held in Las Vegas attract more attendees than meetings held elsewhere. And a well-attended meeting is generally a more successful meeting, because people end up feeling more emotionally invested in the company.

Fact: Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than anywhere else in the world: more than 140,000, at last count. And it's projected to hit 153,000 over the next three years.

Fact: These rooms are very competitively priced. And because so many attendees come to meetings in Las Vegas, that tends to lower the per-night rates even more for their companies.

Fact: This city has an excellent meetings infrastructure, because it holds more meetings than anywhere else: more than 22,000 conventions annually that attract nearly 6 million convention and trade show delegates.

Fact: The city's restaurants, shopping, nightlife and attractions are very reasonably priced, compared to other top tier destinations such as New York and Palm Springs.

Fact: There's a lot more to do in Las Vegas than just gamble. And the many attendees who have no desire to gamble really appreciate that. Just outside the city, for example, is the ethereal beauty of the mountains and high desert. Throughout the valley are a number of impressive museums, world class shopping, outstanding restaurants and recreation options.
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