DMC Tips

There are many things that a seasoned planner will consider when selecting a Destination Management Company for your program. Here is how Activity Planners, Inc. stacks up:

• How long has the company been in business and operating in the specific destination?

Activity Planners, Inc. was the first established Destination Management Company in Las Vegas, founded in 1977. Our growth has been consistent throughout our 30+ years in business, as we continue to build long-standing relationships with Corporate and Incentive clients from around the world. We have no office locations outside of Las Vegas, however will travel with our established clients to produce programs in other cities upon request.

• Who are their corporate clients? What percentage of their clients are repeat customers?

We partner with a large variety of corporate clientele, often including Fortune 500 companies, major insurance and pharmaceutical groups, and large financial institutions.

Over 60% of our clients have partnered with Activity Planners, Inc. on multiple Las Vegas programs and events.

• Will they custom tailor a program for you?

At Activity Planners, Inc. we realize that no two programs are alike. We take great pride in custom developing each individual event around your organization’s goals, your audience demographics, historical information, and budget. We do not publish a tariff of events, or offer daily tours for individuals. We are a pure DMC, and it shows in our creativity and service!

• What type of relationship does the company have with local suppliers?

Due to our long-term success in the Las Vegas area, we have had the opportunity to build solid, positive relationships with an extensive list of vendors, entertainers, and venues. We consider this partnership vital in ensuring the success of producing cost-effective client programs.

• Does the firm belong to any industry organizations?

In addition to being the exclusive member of the DMC Alliance in the Las Vegas area, Activity Planners, Inc. belongs to numerous industry networks and associations. Please visit our Memberships page for further information on these groups.
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